Each piece starts with a connection to a living thing. Andrea studies nature so that she can express it, first in clay and then forever in bronze.

"I love to watch them move and marvel at their structure."

For each piece, a mass of clay is roughly shaped into a starting block. Andrea then adds and removes clay until the basic shape of the subject is represented. Then comes the careful work of forging details. And it is those details that afford the sense of liveliness captured in her sculptures.

Expressiveness is important when representing living things, especially in a medium as stoic as bronze. As such, Andrea works so that each piece does more than represent the physical attributes of the subject. It is her goal to capture a living personality in each piece. A dog's tail wags without movement. A bear lifts his neck in anticipation. And a child's smile floats as he runs.

The medium of bronze is a challenging one. Andrea must plan each piece so that it can be achieved through the casting process. Through her experience she has learned to balance the artistry and the industry required to make her art. She works with talented bronze casters - artists in their own right - to achieve these spirited pieces.

Please feel free to contact Andrea with any questions about the process.